Choosing To Be Negative Is Always The Wrong Choice

How many people do you know that do nothing but complain?

Hell, you may be one of them without even knowing you’re doing it!

Some people simply have a negative outlook on life… or maybe they’re just always expecting bad things to happen. These are the ones who say “well, with my luck…” or “must be nice for so and so but that would never happen to me”…

Another form of negativity is trying to think up all the bad shit that could happen in all facets of your life… so that you’re somehow more prepared for it if it does.

Pretty sweet way to live your life!

Always remember that no amount of feeling bad or being negative will ever create a good result.


I’ve struggled with my fair share of negative thoughts throughout the years. Even outwardly high-achievers can fixate on the 1% that they feel is “wrong” with their life instead of focusing on the 99% that’s great.

I was the type that always would obsess over what was going to go wrong in business matters so that I could somehow prepare for it. And I remember my attorney once said to me on a real estate deal that no matter the million things you think of that could go wrong that you try and prevent from happening, chances are 99.9% of the time, they’ll never happen… and if something bad does happen, it will be something that wasn’t even on your radar.

That stuck with me.

All these negative thoughts and planning for every variation of “what if” events was basically all for naught and did nothing but create a ton of unnecessary stress.

I’ve since learned that it takes the same level of effort to be positive as it takes to be negative!

And that’s what those that live the Optimized You follow.

We only have so much bandwidth between our ears. So they realize that it makes absolutely no sense to ever expect anything negative out of life.

Play that out. Even if you’re positive about the outcome of an event and the outcome ends up not being what you were hoping for, you STILL were better off being positive along the way instead of negative!

That doesn’t mean you should be irresponsible and not have a Plan B if your Plan A doesn’t work out… but having a Plan B in place and then moving forward with Plan A with positivity is much different than obsessing over every detail that might make your Plan A fail… and what if your Plan B doesn’t work either – we should probably put together a Plan C through Plan ZZ today as well!

What a ton of wasted mental energy.  You will never, ever be able to think of all the bad things that ‘could’ happen.

One strategy those that live the Optimized You follow is to never, ever believe a prediction about the future that you tell yourself that doesn’t empower you.

I know for myself, keeping that top of consciousness allows me to snap out of negative thought patterns when they arise (because they will) – and go back to expecting positive outcomes, thinking positive thoughts and making positive comments.

And once you start eliminating negativity from your life, magical things seem to start happening.

You’re happier at home, at work, with your kids, etc… and good shit just seems to start flowing into your life.

Give it a whirl.

DAIlY ACTION: Always choose to be positive in your thoughts, actions and predictions about the future. It never pays to be anything else.

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