What Is ‘Optimized You’… and Why Should You Even Care

Welcome to Optimized You!  So glad you’re here!

Let me tell you what this is all about (and why you should even care)…

There’s a lot of ‘self-help’ that’s out there nowadays.  You have a lot of blogs to read, videos to watch, books to consume… whether you’re trying to better your life, increase your income, be more present or get in better shape.

A lot of it’s good… and a lot of it — well… isn’t…

But what really made a light bulb shine for me was that everything seems so damn complicated.  I noticed that many people had a hard time getting the results they wanted so they often would simply just throw in the proverbial towel and give up on whatever improvement they were attempting to make.

I always wondered why that was until it dawned on me that a lot of the information out there is so complex and so scattered that it’s no surprise that people don’t get the benefits out of it that they should.

We are all looking for solutions to our problems — but we want SIMPLE solutions… things that are easy for us to understand and to implement into our lives.

Now, whether you like him or not, one of the reasons Donald Trump got elected president was because he spoke to people at a sixth grade level.  He didn’t overly complicate his message and he kept things simple and easy to understand.

We all have one life to live and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t get to be the best versions of ourselves that we possibly can be.  We just need a simpler way to get to there.

I, myself, am no self-help expert.  I’m far from a guru.  I am a guy who has dealt with my share of inner and outer demons and has been able to achieve a moderate amount of success in my life (and still working on improving my life each and every day – while having fun doing it).

However, many close to me would say that they feel I live a very ‘optimized’ life.

From the business end, I own or am involved in several different companies and became a millionaire before I turned 30.  I didn’t achieve this through family money or connections nor did I have a Wall Street job working a gazillion hours a week.

I manage my time extremely well — being able to eliminate the clutter from my life and focus on what actually matters and drown out what doesn’t.  In turn, it leaves me with a ton of free time to spend with my wife and two little kids.  We travel, play X-box and make silly slime videos.

For a ~40 year old guy, I went from pretty fucking fat to pretty fucking svelte.  I went from a stressed out, anxious fat kid to packing on a ton of muscle (I am now 5’8″ 172 lbs at 13% body fat).  And look, I’m no Instagram model showcasing 12-pack abs and promoting whatever so-called magical supplement I took to get them.  I’m a regular guy who works out 30-45 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week and has a very flexible diet where if I want pizza or Key Lime pie, I allow myself to eat it and fit it into my diet without feeling guilty.

I am human so I make my fair share of mistakes but I try my best to avidly follow the teachings of the Tao and expand my spiritual growth every single day.  I’m far from religious but I do believe in a force far greater then any of us can understand…. and I try to allow and not force life, practice non-resistance and be patient in the process. I believe that life happens FOR us and not TO us — if we can simply learn to not be so short-sighted and have some faith that looking backwards, everything that happens to us ends up being for our benefit.

But, again, I am by no means the pinnacle of perfection.  I have flaws, insecurities and many other negatives to me.  I’ve battled anxiety and was a troubled teen who many thought was going nowhere.  I have a chattering mind and a tendency to go dark with too much time on my hands.  That all said, I have been able to completely turn my life around and am aiming to be the best version of me that I can ever be.

And that’s what the Optimized You is.

It’s not a destination — it’s a journey.  A journey to always improving, optimizing  and becoming the best version of YOURSELF (not anyone else) that you can be — physically, mentally, financially, spiritually, etc… I can’t be the best version of you and you can’t be the best version of me. It’s about being the best you that you can be based on the cards you were dealt.

No matter how rich you are, there will always be someone richer. No matter how fit you are, there will always be someone in better shape. Someone always has something better than you… and someone always has something worse than you.

Becoming the Optimized You is accepting that you are your own unique person and while it might be hard to see it now, it’s getting to a place that you wouldn’t trade your life for anyone else’s. Not Lebron James. Not Oprah Winfrey. Not anyone but you. You love your life exactly as it is and exactly where it’s going.

Throughout the years on my own personal journey, I noticed – whether it was in business or fitness or spiritual growth – that I had a few Unique Abilities.  I noticed that…

  • I was very good at taking already existing information and updating it, improving it, repackaging it… and most importantly, SIMPLIFYING it both for myself and for others.
  • I was able to crystallize my thoughts through writing to help express what was once complex to others into SIMPLE things they could grasp and run with.
  • I had a weird calming effect on people and could help those that were struggling to organize or bring structure to certain things in their lives that they were struggling with.
  • People turned to me for guidance — and I was able to help them see a simple solution/perspective that they were not initially able to see or comprehend.

So that’s what led me here.  I make no money from doing this (at least at this time I don’t) but I feel the need to share some of the learnings I’ve picked up and am CONTINUING to pick up.  And I’m going to see where it takes me. It just feels right to be doing this right now and I’ve learned not to fight what feels right.

Again, I haven’t reached the level of Optimized You that I want to be at — but I’m working on it and my goal for sharing on this site is for you – the reader – to become the best version of you that you can ever be… and in turn, I can do the same for myself.

Welcome to the Optimized You journey!  Glad to have you by my side…

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