The Secret Of Happiness




No, seriously – that’s it.

If all you did was slow down, be present and stop living every moment in anticipation of being somewhere else, your so-called problems will melt away and you’ll be MUCH happier.

Let go of thinking, obsessing and all the ‘what if’s’.

Release all your goals and concerns for the future and instead replace them with the power of this instant and enjoying it to the fullest extent.

Learn to accept things as they unfold in your life – surrender to ‘what is’ and not what you think it ‘should’ be.

That applies to your spouse, the president, your boss, your kids, your financial status, etc…  As hard as this may sound, surrendering to the present moment and allowing things to unfold as they do will literally change your life immediately.

There are no lacks or shortages in your life.  You may think there are – but in reality, things are what they are.  It’s YOU who can’t accept that which causes never-ending stress.  Simplify your life by accepting EVERYTHING as it is.  Anything that may seem to be missing in your life is really only an illusion.  Learn to have contentment with ‘what is’ and you’ll begin to have a completely stress-free existence.

Look back on your life and on all the so-called problems you’ve had at one point or time.  First off, you probably can’t remember 90% of the things you used to drive yourself nuts worrying about.  And second, things always seem to work themselves out over time – they always have and always will.  You don’t need another ‘thing’ to make you happy – all you really need is right here and now because right here and now is all you’ll ever really have.

DAILY ACTION:  Catch yourself when you find yourself not in the moment or striving to be somewhere else.  Bring yourself back to the present.

Turn Off The Narrator To Live A Happy Life

The definition of a narrator is ‘a person who delivers a commentary accompanying a movie, a broadcast, etc.’  It’s basically the storyteller in a book or a film.  They keep us entertained and following along.

Often times a narrator is so good that we get caught up in the story and end up getting lost in it and unaware of our current surroundings.

That happens all the time when watching a movie.  You forget that you’re actually watching the movie and you almost feel as if you are in the movie.

Yet that is actually how most of us operate in our daily lives as well.

The majority of us are not aware and present enough to realize it… but we all live with a narrator inside our heads every single day.

In fact, most of what we say to ourselves throughout our waking hours is the narrator in our head talking.

That narrator in our head puts its spin on what’s going on in our lives… and it tells a story to us based on how it PERCEIVES things to be.

It tells us who we are, how things are going in our lives and how we should view others.

It tells us what is right, what is wrong, how things should be and how things shouldn’t be.

And it normally doesn’t shut the hell up!

Those that live the Optimized You have become aware enough to notice that this narrator exists.  They realize that almost always the cause of any stress in their lives is because they got so caught up in what the narrator is reading to them that they believed it to be true.

None of us are immune to having a narrator in our heads — however, those that live the Optimized You have learned to recognize when they are getting caught up in the narrator’s story… and can press ‘mute’ on their remote control.

Pressing mute allows them to stop and go back to the present moment.  It allows them to observe that the narrator is not them and the story it’s telling them isn’t necessarily real – it’s just the narrator’s version of it.

Byron Katie (@byronkatie) teaches to ask 4 questions when your narrator is telling you something.  Let’s say it’s telling you that a project you’re working on isn’t going to work and it’s putting you in a bad mood:

  1. Is this 100% true?  (Well, no — I guess it’s not 100% true just yet but I ‘think’ it’s gonna be true)
  2. Can you 100% absolutely know for certain that it’s true? (Again, no – I guess I can’t 100% say that it’s true.  I mean, it hasn’t not worked yet.)
  3. How do you react when you believe that thought? (It makes me feel like shit and puts me in a bad mood)
  4. Who would you be without the thought? (Well, I guess I’d just be sitting here right now in the present moment eating this sandwich that I’m eating right now)

DAILY ACTION:  Try this out next time you are having a bad day.  See if your stresses are tied to your narrator’s story.  Press ‘mute’, go back to the present moment and you’ll begin to realize that the story is just that –  a made-up story based on interpretations and beliefs.  It is not 100% real or true.